New York High Line

The New York City High Line is a one mile city park built on the former elevated railway,
the West Side Line. See the Friends of the High Line’s website

WP NY Highline 01

The High Line is still under construction. It starts at Gansevoort and Washington Streets and ends at W 30th Street.

WP NY Highline 02

The stairs at Gansevoort Street.

WP NY Highline 03

New York City set aside US$ 50 million in 2004 to “recycle” the railway line into a city
park. The first section to W 20th Street opened in 2009, and has well established plants.

WP NY Highline 04

The old railway tracks can be clearly seen between the plants.

WP NY Highline 05

There are many benches along the park, here around W 15th Street.

WP NY Highline 06

This plaque, from 2009 when the first section opened, lists all who contributed and the idea behind the project.

WP NY Highline 07

There is good access: 9 stairs and 5 lifts along the route, like here at W 14th Street. High Line is wheelchair accessible.

WP NY Highline 08

Around W 15th Street.

WP NY Highline 09

Water play around W 15th Street.

WP NY Highline 10

There are small shops with souvenirs and refreshments around W 16th Street.

WP NY Highline 11

At W 17th Street. There are several spots designed to view the street. In the centre, there are benches and large panorama windows.

WP NY Highline 12

A photo shoot for some fashion pictures at W 17th Street.

WP NY Highline 14

View of 10th Avenue from W 17th Street towards W 18th Street.

WP NY Highline 18

Parking in New York can be a challenge, solved here by “stacking” cars between W 18th and W 19th Street.

WP NY Highline 16

Making High Line into a city park has spurred real estate development, here around W 20th Street.

WP NY Highline 17

Note the netting set up around the construction to prevent things from falling down onto the street.

WP NY Highline 19

At around W 21st Street, where the High Line goes very close to buildings. The section from W 20th Street opened in 2011.

WP NY Highline 21

W 22nd Street, close to buildings with offices, flats and showrooms for designers. There is no direct access to the buildings from High Line.

WP NY Highline 22

There is a lot of art along the route, here at W 22nd Street.

WP NY Highline 28

At W 24th Street.

WP NY Highline 25

Looking east on W 23rd Street.

WP NY Highline 27

High Line runs close to houses, here at around W 24th Street.

WP NY Highline 29

WP NY Highline 30

View of W 25th Street.

WP NY Highline 32

Benches at W 26th Street.

WP NY Highline 34

Towards the current end of High Line at W 30th Street.

WP NY Highline 35

Looking south from around W 28th Street.

WP NY Highline 36

End of the High Line, just around the corner. New York City has set aside US$ 76 million for continuation of the High Line.

WP NY Highline 37

WP NY Highline 38

Flower and rails.

3 thoughts on “New York High Line

  1. Hello,
    I found your blog today while working on submission to international architectural competition in NY. I really like this picture of yours:
    Do you think..I could use it for my rendering? Its not commercialwork, just students idea competition..
    Would be really glad if you let me use it …and possibly could send me the picture in high resolution?
    Best regards, Lukas.

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