Monterey, San Fransisco and Atlanta Aquaria

This page comes from our older blog Letter from Serbia. We visited aquaria in the US: Monterey in California in 2000
the San Fransisco Aquarium in 2010, and Atlanta in 2008. Now that we have a section on aquaria, this fits better here.

Monterey Bay Aquarium is located along Cannery row by the Pacific ocean. It focus on
conserving the oceans and exhibit especially the life in the ocean along the Californian coast

View of the entrance area.

View of the entrance area.

Construction was completed in 1982.

Kelp forest, which is found in the ocean outside.

Exhibit of Jellyfish. They have a large tidepool and exhibits linked with the ocean.
For more information, see:

The Californa Academy of Sciences in the Golden Gate Park, San Fransisco, is much
more than just an aquarium. There is a natural history part, a rain forest dome and a
planetarium. Their themes are around how life on earth developed and sustainability.

The rain forest dome.

The walkway inside the rain forest dome.

A gecko sitting on a glass window.

Part of the natural history exhibit.

The aquarium section

Glass tunnel in the aquarium

You can get close to the fish.

One of the main attractions at the Academy. For more information:

The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. It is easy to buy a commuter train ticket at the airport. If you
have a few hours transfer time between airplane connections, take the time to visit the aquarium.

The central square of the aquarium.


Large windows are used for many displays

Pool where you can touch the fish

Jellyfish exhibit

The exhibit of belugas

Tunnel under the largest aquarium with 35 000 fish and 13 000 cubic meters of water.

The large aquarium with a window that is 9 m tall and 20 m wide, one of the largest in the world.
For more information:

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