Pebble beach

We stayed in Pebble Beach in December 2014, guests of three cats whose owners were away. Pebble Beach is a gated community
in the Del Monte Forest on the Monterey Peninsula. There are about 4,500 residents and eight public and private golf courses.

WP Pebble beach 01

There is a 17 mile long scenic drive along the coast through Pebble Beach, with several places to stop to look.
Visitors must pay a fee at the entrance gate. One must stop is the Lonely Cypress, on the left. It is probably
about 250 years old, supported by cables for 65 years, and is said to be the most photographed tree in the US.

WP Pebble beach 02

There is a special staircase to a viewing platform to see the Lonely Cypress.

WP Pebble beach 03

Trees, rocks and the ocean.

WP Pebble beach 04

WP Pebble beach 07

Dan feeding our gracious hosts. They wandered around and came to check on us throughout the day and night.


The cats were very affectionate and relaxed.

WP Pebble beach 11

Pebble Beach is famous for its golf courses, this one is close to where we stayed. Seems deer may be a hazard.

WP Pebble beach 12

The clubhouse of the Monterey Peninsula County Club where Dan played.

WP Pebble beach 13

The first hole of the Monterey Peninsula County Club Shore course.

WP Pebble beach 16

Some holes are close to the sea, and golfers can sometimes see whales.

WP Pebble beach 21

The Pebble Beach Lodge has shops and restaurants. The restaurant building to the left faces the sea. The
Lodge is popular with local residents and many tourists come also – there were busloads when we visited.

WP Pebble beach 20

The restaurant building to the left. To the very right is the Carmel by the Sea, where Clint Eastwood was once mayor.

WP Pebble beach 34

The house where we stayed had a lovely garden running down to a creek. There were lots of birds, and lots of bird feeders.

WP Pebble beach 24

Anna’s hummingbird. It is hard to fill the feeders with hummingbirds hovering around your head. They were not shy! And they consumed a lot of sugar water.

WP Pebble beach 28

The other feeders were also quite popular, here some finches.

WP Pebble beach 32

The garden had a little bubbling water fountain which attracted small finches.

WP Pebble beach 39

Seeds that dropped from the feeders were eaten by quails …

WP Pebble beach 31

..  and a squirrel.

WP Pebble beach 40

Several turkey vultures came on our last day, possibly for something they had spotted in the creek at the end of the garden.

WP Pebble beach 43

We stayed close to Bird island, just off 17 Mile Drive.

WP Pebble beach 46

There are information boards about the animals seen and binoculars to look at the birds on the island.

WP Pebble beach 45

Bird Island is a very popular stop.

WP Pebble beach 49

A bit surprising though is that there seem to be more seals than birds on Bird Island.

WP Pebble beach 50

One wonders how the seals make it up the island, through the rough waters and up the steep cliffs.

WP Pebble beach 57

There are many birds along the coast, here a group of pelicans.

WP Pebble beach 58

A real “pebble beach”, along the coast just north of Bird Island.

WP Pebble beach 60

There are paths on the side of the road so you can walk along the beach through “pebble beach”.

WP Pebble beach 68

Annette and Leila walking along the beach.

WP Pebble beach 63

There are benches to sit on and watch the ocean.

WP Pebble beach 62

Warning. The sea can be very rough even when there is little wind.

WP Pebble beach 67

It is difficult to survive if you are dragged into the sea by the waves, because of rough water and slippery rocks.

WP Pebble beach 66

A perfect spot for a selfie.

WP Pebble beach 70

View of Pebble Beach from Carmel. The Lodge restaurant and shops complex lies on the bay in the center of the picture.

WP Pebble beach 71

View of Carmel beach, popular for a Sunday walk.

WP Pebble beach 81

The coast south of Pebble Beach is not so dramatic, but still scenic.

WP Pebble beach 78

We stopped at a café and restaurant near Big Sur, designed so all guests could see the view while eating.

WP Pebble beach 77

South of Pebble Beach.

WP Pebble beach 72

The coast north of Pebble Beach is more dramatic.

WP Pebble beach 73

The coast road north to San Fransisco.

WP Pebble beach 75

The open fields we saw were full of ground squirrels.

WP Pebble beach 76

Ground squirrels.

WP Pebble beach 80

A creek full of calla lilies along the road. A perfect stop to get down to the beach – see the stairs in the background.

WP Pebble beach 05

We had a wonderful stay at Pebble Beach, and we miss the cats.

WP Pebble beach 10

Did the cats notice when we left?

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