Daintree Walkabout

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The Daintree National Park walk about took us up into the rain forest.

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We went to the Mossman Gorge Centre and switched to another bus that took us into the forest.

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We were met by Skip, who guided us. The fire is for a smoke ceremony.

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Each of us had walked through the smoke to clear our minds and promote a positive attitude.

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Skip recommended that we each take a walking stick.

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He explained a lot about rain forest plants and how they were used.

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This is a boomerang used for hunting, to break the bones of animals, and it is not meant to return.

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Before we entered into the deeper parts of the rain forests, Skip spoke loudly to the spirits, just to tell them that we came as his guests.

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There are many dangers in the forest, such as this little stinging tree, Dendrocnide moroides
inside the frame of branches. It is the deadliest and most potent stinging nettle in the world. 

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Accidentally brushing past any part of this plant can deliver a potent toxin that will cause a painful stinging
sensation lasting for days
. Another name for this bush is “suicide plant”. It can grow to three meters high.

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A gouged out stone used for cracking nuts. The nut was placed in the hole, and smashed with a stone.

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The colors used by Aborigines are found naturally in the forest.

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The markings have different meanings. These marks look like leaves.

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Skip used a special plant to clean himself. When the leaves were rubbed they gave off white foam like soap.

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Thomas Dahlgren testing the paint.

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Our next stop was a crocodile safari on the Daintree River.

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The forest along the river was very dense.

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The first crocodile we saw, quite large, basking in the sun.

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Another crocodile making it across the river.

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This crocodile was named Elisabeth.

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Elisabeth had 13 babies. One of the baby crocodiles sat on her back.

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On the way back to Trinity Beach, we stopped at a viewing point where they practiced paragliding. A good stop to end the day.

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