Predjama Castle

Predjama Castle is nine km further on the country road from Postojna Cave through villages and woods. Ticket
packages including the cave, castle and vivarium can be bought on line.

WP Predjama 01

There is a restaurant near the parking lot. Public toilets are down steps to left just beyond the terrace, opposite the restaurant.

WP Predjama 02

From the restaurant. The castle is placed half way up a 123 m vertical cave. The cave under the castle can be visited between
May and September. There are guided tours and rafting trips, and special arrangements can be made for experienced cavers.

WP Predjama 03

There is only one visible entrance to the castle, from the right side, but
there are other ways in through the cave and through secret passages.

WP Predjama 04

Just inside the door. You can buy a ticket here, but could be easier to buy a combination online including Postojna Cave.

WP Predjama 05

Just inside. The original castle was built in the 12th C. The current castle was built in 1570
in Renaissance style and incorporates remnants of earlier structures, like this stone wall.

WP Predjama 06

Remains of the old building to the left, the new Renaissance part to the right.

WP Predjama 09

Some rooms offer information about the castle and what life was like at different periods.
After reconstruction in 1572, and until taken by the state after WW II, the castle’s owners
lived elsewhere and used it as a vacation and hunting retreat, so there was very little wear.

WP Predjama 10

Family portraits and furniture.

WP Predjama 11

The priest’s desk outside the torture chamber.

WP Predjama 12

The torture chamber and dungeon carved into the side of the cave.

WP Predjama 13

A salon from the new castle showing women’s daily activities.

WP Predjama 15

A reception room with window seats.

WP Predjama 14

A priest’s room.

WP Predjama 17

An area for food preparation and storage.

WP Predjama 16

Some of the weapons of the time.

WP Predjama 08

Where the old remains join the new castle.

WP Predjama 18

Passage from the castle into the cave at the back of the old castle.

WP Predjama 19

In the cave looking back toward the entrance. The steps are part of a long passageway into the cave and out of the castle.

WP Predjama 20

View from the covered terrace on top of the central part of the castle. The entrance is on the far left.

WP Predjama 21

An ice storm passed through the area a few weeks before our visit. There was still a lot of clearing to do.

WP Predjama 22

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