Roskilde by boat

We sailed to Roskilde the first week of June 2015. Actually, most was done by motor because of
the wind — too much, too little, right in the face — and because of the narrow passages through
parts of the fjord. There is good advice in Danish only on

WP Roskilde trip 01

Roskilde as you approach the town from the water.

WP Roskilde trip 03

The countryside is flat, and the ground is very irregular under the water. The charts show great variation,
with many shallow areas. The minimum depth is 2.2 meters, but some passages are deeper. Ships that draw
3 m should be able to pass when the water is at average level. The water level varies greatly with the weather.

WP Roskilde trip 04

There were a lot of swans. Birds love the shallow water as they can easily reach the sea floor for food.

WP Roskilde trip 05

Canoes and kayaks are very good ways to cross the shallow waters.

WP Roskilde trip 06

Kronprins Fredriks Bro opens every 30 minutes between 09.00 and 19.00 on weekdays, 06.30 and 19.00
on weekends. There are exceptions. It does not open often during weekdays between 14.00 and 18.30, nor
on the half hour 10.30 to 14.00 on weekends. See

WP Roskilde trip 07

Boats should fly the N flag as a signal for the bridge to open, and give one long and one short audio signal.
Most boats showed the flag, but we did not hear a signal. The bridge seems to open on schedule in any case.

WP Roskilde trip 08

There are 5 red lights on the structure to the right of the opened bridge. They start flashing five
minutes before the bridge opens, so you can prepare. You pass when the red lights stop blinking.

WP Roskilde trip 09

One thing to look out for are fish nets, especially if you venture into shallow waters.
There are both fixed nets, as seen here, and laid nets close to the preferred routes.

WP Roskilde trip 10

There are high tension lines between the bridge and Roskilde. The clearance is 21 meters.

WP Roskilde trip 11

You must follow the red and green markers. It is very shallow in many areas, and the passages
are narrow. Many of the recommended routes are marked on sea charts as only 2.2 meters deep.

WP Roskilde trip 12

We ran aground on the way to Roskilde. The place is marked by the arrow, the coordinates are in the
upper left corner. It was supposed to be 2,4 meters. Our depth gauge showed 0.8 meters when we hit
mud (the bottom is silt and mud so you land softly). It was possible to put the motor in reverse and back
off. The Roskilde harbor master explained that when it blows very hard from south or east, the water is
blown out of the fjord, making it more shallow.  When we hit ground the winds were 15 m/s from southeast.

WP Roskilde trip 14

When you arrive in Roskilde, you may see people out sailing in viking ships, arranged by the Viking
Museum. The duck is promotion for Roskilde to “go orange”. We thought the Dutch had invaded.

WP Roskilde trip 17

Roskilde marina at sunset. The small ponds in the foreground allow children to touch and catch small crabs.

WP Roskilde trip 18

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