The 9/11 Memorial Museum, New York

The 9/11 Memorial Museum opened in New York in May 2014, in remembrance of the events of 11 September 2001.

WP 9-11 Memorial Museum 01

The museum is mainly underground, to preserve what is left of the twin towers that once stood here.

WP 9-11 Memorial Museum 02

The reception area is a few steps down where guided tours starts, and where you can get audio guides for a tour by yourself.

WP 9-11 Memorial Museum 03

Map showing the paths of the four high jacked planes flew, two of which went into the World Trade Center twin towers in lower Manhattan.

WP 9-11 Memorial Museum 04

Displays and recordings of people’s experiences of what was happening on that very day, September 11.

WP 9-11 Memorial Museum 05

The walk down, with very wide isles.

WP 9-11 Memorial Museum 05b

Display, on the way down, with information about the twin towers, and the people who worked there.

WP 9-11 Memorial Museum 06

View from the ramp down towards the main underground floor and the memorial hall.

WP 9-11 Memorial Museum 07

Along the ramp, pictures of the twin towers before and during the collapse of the towers.

WP 9-11 Memorial Museum 08

Projection of notes posted seeking missing people directly after the attack. The visual display changes constantly.

WP 9-11 Memorial Museum 09

The memorial hall floor.

WP 9-11 Memorial Museum 10

Remnants of the escalators that many thousands used to escape when the towers were evacuated.

WP 9-11 Memorial Museum 11

One section with quilts contributed by people around the world to show their sympathy.

WP 9-11 Memorial Museum 12

A large quilt with pictures of all those on board the four planes that were hijacked, and some of the rescue service people who perished.

WP 9-11 Memorial Museum 13

Detail of the quilt.

WP 9-11 Memorial Museum 13b

Many firemen died. A statue of liberty was placed outside a station that lost many of its members. People hung items to share the sorrow.

WP 9-11 Memorial Museum 14

A large room in the memory hall shows pictures of all those who died.

WP 9-11 Memorial Museum 15

Remnants of the foundation, box columns, that supported the huge weight of one of the twin towers. Pictures show stages of the construction.

WP 9-11 Memorial Museum 16

A fire truck of Ladder Comany 3 was destroyed when the towers collapsed. They were among the first responders, and many of them died.

WP 9-11 Memorial Museum 17

The slurry wall to the left was built to prevent the Hudson river from flooding the construction site when the towers were built. There was concern that
it would collapse when the rubble from the towers was removed. The column in the middle is the last piece removed from the site, in a special ceremony.

WP 9-11 Memorial Museum 19

The memory wall, with the rear end of Ladder Company 3 truck to the right. On the wall to the left are remains of steel columns.

WP 9-11 Memorial Museum 20

These columns once formed part of the outside of the north tower. The left picture from before, the right picture after the attack.

WP 9-11 Memorial Museum 22

The memorial Reflecting Absence, by architect Michael Arad and landscape architect Peter W, is two pools in the footprint of the original
towers with water falling to the center. Plaques show the names of the 2,983 who perished in the planes, on the ground and in the buildings.

WP 9-11 Memorial Museum 23

One part of the memorial in front of the museum.

WP 9-11 Memorial Museum 24

WP 9-11 Memorial Museum 26

6 thoughts on “The 9/11 Memorial Museum, New York

  1. There is a typo on your page. It should read in “remembrance of the events of 11 September 2001”

    The 9/11 Memorial Museum opened in New York in May 2014, in remembrance of the events of 11 September 2011.

  2. Hi when was this published as in when did you post these here. I was only worried before because it reloaded the page and my comment didn’t show. I just really need a year so don’t worry if you don’t know the specific date.

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