Makiki Valley Loop

The original ambition was to hike the Makiki Tantalus Loop, but a short distance from the start, we found this shorter
option mentioned at the end of this description.

The trail starts off Makiki Heights Drive, near the bottom of the hill. We missed the turn off by the park on Makiki Street and continued
up Round Top Drive. From the middle of a hairpin turn, Nutridge Street leads to the Round Top Forest Reserve and Ualakaa Lookout.

WP Makiki valley loop 01

The view from Round Top/Ualakaa Lookout. Honolulu with Waikiki in the center.

WP Makiki valley loop 02

View towards Honolulu Harbour

WP Makiki valley loop 03

Both Makiki Tantalus and Makiki Valley loops start near the Hawaii Nature Centre off Makiki Heights Drive,
about 0.5 mile after the turn from Makiki Street. There is a parking lot at N 21° 18’840, W 157°49’767

WP Makiki valley loop 04

There is a restroom at the beginning of the trail, and water and brushes to clean your shoes before and after the walk – to prevent spreading seeds and bugs.

WP Makiki valley loop 05

Information sign at the start of the trail.

WP Makiki valley loop 06

There are lots of roots and stones in parts of the trail.

WP Makiki valley loop 07

There is a small taro patch close to the trail.

WP Makiki valley loop 08

Taro plants

WP Makiki valley loop 09

The Makiki Valley Loop is about 2.5 miles. The Makiki Tantalus Loop is about 8 miles.

WP Makiki valley loop 10

When we saw this sign, we decided to save the 8 mile hike for another year. We followed the trail clockwise, which is the order of the following pictures.

WP Makiki valley loop 11

There are many signs at the beginning with information about the plants.

WP Makiki valley loop 12

The Akia shrub

WP Makiki valley loop 13

There are small streams to cross.

WP Makiki valley loop 14

Information about life in streams

WP Makiki valley loop 15

There are a few places where the growth opens up, but this trail does not give grand views of Oahu.

WP Makiki valley loop 16

Some parts of the trail are stony.

WP Makiki valley loop 17

In some places tree trunks are across the path, but they are not difficult to pass.

WP Makiki valley loop 18

The trail is fine when it is dry, but rain would make it muddy and slippery. It gets narrow in places.

WP Makiki valley loop 20

It is important to stay on the trail, also because the trail goes along some very steep drops.

WP Makiki valley loop 19

Feral pigs cause a lot of damage, and are very prolific. Over 10 years, one hundred pigs can produce 25 million pigs! On some days of the week, hunters with dogs shoot
pigs to try to reduce the numbers, and there are warning signs about how hikers should behave. They should wear bright colours and keep their own dogs under control.

WP Makiki valley loop 21

Ti leaf plant.

WP Makiki valley loop 22

Ti leaf plants growing over the trail.

WP Makiki valley loop 23

Many stretches of the trail have lots of exposed roots.

WP Makiki valley loop 24

Kukui trees Aleurites moluccana along the trail. You can recognize them by the pale green leaves that look silvery at a distance. Most are lobed, and others are plain and oval.

WP Makiki valley loop 25

The slopes next to the trail can be very steep, so stay on the path.

WP Makiki valley loop 38

The Kanealole Trail meets the Makiki Valley Loop Trail at N 21° 19’596, W 157°49’334. Go right for the short 2.5 mile loop and left for the 8 mile loop.

WP Makiki valley loop 26

Another bridge

WP Makiki valley loop 27

There are steps in some places.

WP Makiki valley loop 28

A junction at N 21° 19’267, W 157°49’211 where four trails meet.
We came from the left (uphill) on the Makiki Valley Trail (at 08.00).
MVT does a left turn and continues straight ahead (at 12.00). This where one returns on the Makiki Tantalus loop.
The Ualakaa Trail at (14.00) leads to Nutridge Street and the Round Top Lookout.
Our short loop takes the Maunalaha Trail (16.00) back to the start.

WP Makiki valley loop 29

WP Makiki valley loop 30

Close to the end of the loop there are many Eucalyptus trees with very coarse bark.

WP Makiki valley loop 35

Eucalyptus trees. If you find green leaves from the trees, rub them in your hands and you will smell menthol.

WP Makiki valley loop 33

Going downhill. Narrow trail with lots of rocks and roots. Asparagus ferns on the right.

WP Makiki valley loop 34

These berries on the asparagus ferns was the only color apart from green along the trail.

WP Makiki valley loop 32

Ferns growing along the trail.

WP Makiki valley loop 37

The loop took us two hours, walking slowly and with frequent breaks to take photos. We heard many birds, and this must be a rich area for bird watchers.

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