Fyrtorn2Handed 2017

The Fyrtorn2Handed was held on June 17 – 18. These pictures are from the start,
with very good winds. There were lots of  kite surfing along Lomma beach.

The first boat to start was Lis Af Domsten, a Comfortina 32. Time 14:04.
Skipper Lars Rosenqvist, mate Magnus Runesson.

The second boat was Onyx, an X-102, which started at 14:34.
Skipper Pär Halleus, mate Staffan Linde.

Third boat was Myggan, an J80, which started at 14:44.
Skipper Anders Larsson, mate Peter Båtmann.

Fourth boat was Vilja, an Elan 333, which started at 14:56.
Skipper Mattias Bergströmmer, mate Frank Nilsson.

Fifth boat was Hot Chocolate, an Elan 333, which started at 15:00.
Skipper Tobias Dahlström, mate Mattias Eriksson.

Sixth boat was Jubilon, an J/92, which started at 15:08.
Skipper Mikael Håkansson, mate Krister Lindbladh.

Seventh boat was Hurricane, a Melges 24, which started at 15:34.
Skipper Mattias Allroth, mate Martin Ljungsryd.

Eight boat was Kaxi, a Bavaria 35 Match, which started at 16:06.
Skipper Karl Jönsson, mate Jonas Larsson.

Ninth boat was Röde Orm, a Fareast 28R, which started at 16:10.
Skipper Göran Wiking, mate Anders Bennermark.

Tenth boat was Josefina, an X-37, which started at 16:26.
Skipper Johan Wickman, mate Lars Thorsson.

Eleventh boat was Breaking Wind, a Centerline 40, which started at 17:15.
Skipper Ulf Nilsson, mate Pontus Nilsson.

The last boat to start was Krackemut, a Kracer 40r, which started at 17:22.
Skipper Anders Hansen plus no name mate.

Altogether twelve boats started.

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