Brussels Aquarium

WP Brussels aquarium 01

Brussels Aquarium is located near the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. Few people know about it. We
are interested in aquariums and it took us a long time to locate it on internet. It is small with 48 tanks.
There is an entrance fee and one is loaned an audio device in ones own language for a self-guided tour.

WP Brussels aquarium 02

The layout is two parallel corridors connected by the entrance and
souvenir shop at one end. There is a small auditorium at the other end.

WP Brussels aquarium 03

This display shows aquatic life and types of fish found along the Belgian coast.

WP Brussels aquarium 08

This is the corridor leading back to the entrance/souvenir shop. Tanks are well
kept, and there are small stools for children to stand on to see into the tanks.

WP Brussels aquarium 12

There are five tanks with salt water tropical fish and coral.

WP Brussels aquarium 20

The last tank where you can sit on the edge and watch the fish, but do not touch!

WP Brussels aquarium 05

This tank has small frogs from Costa Rica.

WP Brussels aquarium 17

One tank had small toads.

WP Brussels aquarium 09

Salamander Cynops Ensicauda Popei.

WP Brussels aquarium 06

A mudskipper, Periophthalmus

WP Brussels aquarium 16

These fish have a special head shape, known as a nuchal hump. Some species are very
colorful,  often red, the so called flowerhorn cichlids, but they are bred and not natural.

WP Brussels aquarium 18

A red dragon, or red lizard catfish, Rineloricaria sp, probably not a natural species.

WP Brussels aquarium 19

One of the salt water tropical tanks.

WP Brussels aquarium 11

There were many tanks with tropical fresh water fish, like this one. The
notes above the tank are printed on paper and lit by small spot lights.

WP Brussels aquarium 14

At the very end the small souvenir shop.

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