Fehmarn Ostsee Aquarium

The Fehmarn Meereszentrum is located in the town Burg on Fehmarn island, about 10 km south of the Puttgarden ferry. The aquarium
has more than 20 tanks, and is open all year round. Their main displays are about the flora and fauna of the Baltic sea. It is not very
impressive from the outside, but there is a lot to see inside. This picture is taken from the covered area where one waits to enter.

The Fehmarn Meereszentrum is connected to the Ostsee-Erlebniswelt, seen at the
bottom of this sign, outside Heiligenhafen. There are combi-tickets for the two attractions.

The tanks are well lighted, well maintained, and the signs are very informative.

The main corridor takes you in a circle along the tanks.

One display is about fossils.

A special tank for coral.

This display was dedicated to the work of Charles Darwin.

There is a small cafeteria and gift shop inside the aquarium.

There are two larger tanks. One walks through a tunnel and can see a lot of rays.

There is a large tank with sharks.

You can get very close to a shark.

There are some tropical fish as well, as this Zebrasoma desjardini

and this Amphiprion Ephippium that lives in anemones.

One tank had mud skippers, of the family Periophthalmus.

A rather special fish was the needle fish, Doryrhamphus dactyliophorus.

The biggest attraction though is the big tank with large sharks.

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