Okavango and Tsodilo Hills

We made a trip by air to the Okavango Delta and Tsodilo Hills shortly before we left Botswana.

WP BOT 042

Okavango from above.

WP BOT 043

In some parts, grass fires burnt off all vegetation.

WP BOT 041

We went to one of the few lodges open then. The planes are parked at the airstrip.
The area had been sprayed against tsetse-flies, but the spraying had only covered part of the runway.
There was a very distinct border between where there were and were not flies – and they bite very hard!

WP BOT 049

Getting from the airstrip to the lodge.

WP BOT 050

This is our “suite”. The operators of the lodge warned us that sometimes lions walked around.

WP BOT 066

Inside the “suite”.

WP BOT 053

Our good friends Vera and Gordon Leech at breakfast.

WP BOT 056

It was possible to walk around the lodge and see wildlife.

WP BOT 075

We got around on the water in canoes like these.

WP BOT 054

Bob and John in a canoe.

WP BOT 079

Water lilies are very common.

WP BOT 086

WP BOT 044

One day we flew to Tsodilo Hills and met a group of San, usually known as Bushmen.

WP BOT 089

Our guide at Tsodilo Hills.

WP BOT 045

Tsodilo Hills is known for old rock paintings like these.

WP BOT 047

WP BOT 052

Trish and Gordon at Tsodilo Hills.

WP BOT 048

We were served lunch at the hills. It was delivered by a four hour car drive and included a waiter fully dressed in white!

WP BOT 074

Back at the lodge, we swam in the delta, although one person was on watch for crocodiles.

WP BOT 051

We took an evening water ride to look for animals.

WP BOT 060

It was easy to film kingfishers, because they remain still at night, even with a bright light on them, and you can get very close.

WP BOT 059

A special activity of the lodge operator was to catch and record crocodiles at night. He judged the size
of the crocodile by the distance between the eyes since the eyes reflect light from a torch. The hard part
was not catching them, but releasing them, as they are very fast. A croc can easily catch flies in its mouth.

WP BOT 061

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