WP Keukenhof 014

Keukenhof is known as the Garden of Europe and is the showcase for the Dutch flower industry.
About 100 companies participate in the annual spring show that serves as a living catalog. About
7 million bulbs are planted each year on the 32 hectare large park. The exhibition lasts eight weeks.
In 2015 it is between March 20 and May 17. We spent five hours in the park at the end April.

WP Keukenhof 066

The official map, handed out for free to visitors, shows the extent of the garden. We visited on a Dutch
holiday together with many tourists and thousands of Dutch nationals taking advantage of the day off.

WP Keukenhof 020

The bulbs are planted to create patterns of color and shape.

WP Keukenhof 033

This “flow of tulips” towards the artificial lake is close to the Wilhelmina Pavilion.

WP Keukenhof 007

Van Gogh portrayed with tulips, next to the Oranje Nassau Pavilion.

WP Keukenhof 006

Inside Oranje Nassau with several Van Gogh inspired displays. Visitors could become part of a scene.

WP Keukenhof 011

Orchids inside the Beatrix Pavilion.

WP Keukenhof 010

Inside the Juliana Pavilion, an exhibition named Tulpomania with information about tulips.

WP Keukenhof 002

Postcards and wooden tulips for sale at the Willem-Alexander Pavilion.

WP Keukenhof 001

Bulbs are sold in ready made collections of 15 each of nine types, or one can chose individual types from
catalogs like these. The bulbs are shipped to any country in the world and will arrive in time for planting
at the end of October. The sales shop is in a small building just west of the Willem-Alexander Pavilion.

WP Keukenhof 021

Examples of flowers in the catalog. The shop where you can order bulbs is in the back right side of the picture.

WP Keukenhof 008

Most plantings are in open landscape, but one small “park in the park” is found close to the Oranje Nassau Pavilion.

WP Keukenhof 009

Tourists come from around the world, here a group from China dressed for the occasion.

WP Keukenhof 022

Some displays by bulb producers are indoors, like these in the Willem-Alexander Pavilion.

WP Keukenhof 015

The color impact is emphasized by planting bulbs in a precise design.

WP Keukenhof 035

Close to the Juliana/Tulpomania Pavilion.

WP Keukenhof 032

Close to the north entrance.

WP Keukenhof 029

Outside the Wilhelmina Pavilion. The sculpture is covered with bottle tops.

WP Keukenhof 030

Close to the main entrance.

WP Keukenhof 026

Outside the Juliana/Tulpomania Pavilion.

WP Keukenhof 016

Between the north entrance and the Wilhelmina Pavilion.

WP Keukenhof 058

Close to the building where you can order bulbs, seen back left.

WP Keukenhof 061

The bridge close to Wilhelmina Pavilion.

WP Keukenhof 023

Some displays have a large mix of flowers that bloom at different times during the show.

WP Keukenhof 054

This is Fritillaria imperialis, in the lily family. It comes in reds and yellows and stands tall among other bulbs.

WP Keukenhof 042

By planting bulbs that develop at different times, new flowers were coming while others were in full bloom.
This extends the period when you can see the exhibition at Keukenhof, and makes it worth a return visit.

WP Keukenhof 046

Although tulips make the most striking displays, other spring bulbs were featured.

WP Keukenhof 038

WP Keukenhof 037

WP Keukenhof 043

WP Keukenhof 049

The edges of these petals seem a bit shriveled, perhaps due to the dry warm weather?

WP Keukenhof 050

WP Keukenhof 060

WP Keukenhof 047

WP Keukenhof 048

WP Keukenhof 065

WP Keukenhof 040

WP Keukenhof 053

WP Keukenhof 024

Fields outside Keukenhof, on the other side of the canal. It looks like a carpet on the map.

WP Keukenhof 036

One of several tulip fields close to Keukenhof, picture taken from the road.

WP Keukenhof 034

A tulip field on our way back from Keukenhof. Tulips, an old brick building and a Dutch flag. This is Holland!

3 thoughts on “Keukenhof

  1. Well done! I feel like I was there! I appreciate the beautiful closeups and the color combinations. The tulip fields are amazing!!

  2. We were there May 7th and it was one of the most extraordinary sights we have ever had the pleasure to experience.
    Your photos are fabulous, and the locations listed are very helpful in identifying where the pictures that we took were (since we only had a scant 3 hrs to visit). They help fill in some of the blanks. Beautiful!

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