Oresund Aquarium

The aquarium is part of the Marine Biology Laboratory of Copenhagen University. Their website gives the
opening hours, entrance fees and directions to find it. http://www.oresundsakvariet.ku.dk/english/visit_aquarium/

WP Oresund aquarium 24

Øresund aquarium is small saltwater aquarium with tanks showing marine life in  the region around Helsingborg. Even
if one has visited many aquaria, this collection is special, both the specimens and the arrangements, and one can learn a lot.

WP Oresund aquarium 01

The building is under renovation, but only the outside and it is easy to find the entrance.

WP Oresund aquarium 02

Inside the entrance is a display where children can have a very close look at what can be found on the sea bottom.

WP Oresund aquarium 03

Most of the tanks are in one large room. The entrance is at the end of the corridor.

WP Oresund aquarium 04

There are three larger tanks. All tanks are well kept and labeled with names and descriptions in Danish, German and English.

WP Oresund aquarium 05

All the fish on display are found in the waters just outside the aquarium. This is a Greater weever, Trachinus draco.

WP Oresund aquarium 06

These are Atlantic Wolf fish, Anarhichas lupus, very common in Scandinavian waters.

WP Oresund aquarium 07

Ling, Molva molva

WP Oresund aquarium 08

The underside of a sole

WP Oresund aquarium 09

Cucko wrasse, Labrus birnaculatus.

WP Oresund aquarium 10

Dragonet, Callionymus lyra.

WP Oresund aquarium 11

Grey gunard, Eutrigla gurnadus.

WP Oresund aquarium 12

Snake pipefish, Entelurus aequoreus.

WP Oresund aquarium 13

This tank holds Shaggy mouse nudibranch, a mollusk without a shell. We do not know if we saw them.

WP Oresund aquarium 22

Brittle star, Ophiuriodea.

WP Oresund aquarium 15

Barnacles growing on a ball. Very common in our waters, to the dismay of boat owners.

WP Oresund aquarium 16

This European cuttlefish, Sepia officinalis, is sometimes found in Danish waters.

WP Oresund aquarium 21

Hermit crabs are common.

WP Oresund aquarium 18

A lobster. The aquarium has two, one of them is very, very large.

WP Oresund aquarium 19

The souvenir shop by the entrance door.

WP Oresund aquarium 20

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