Stralsund Ozeaneum and Aquarium

The Meeresmuseum in Stralsund opened in 1951 in a converted 13th C Dominician Monastery.

Displays cover a wide range of subjects linked to the sea and oceans.

The display to the right shows the expansion of the commercial fishing fleet during the DDR.

Most of the aquarium tanks are in the basement.

Although this is a dry display, all the corals in the aquarium tanks were very impressive.

There was a small art exhibition with photos for sale.

Artwork made of items found on the beach, sorted according to their “natural” color.

Stralsund Meeresmuseum


The Ozeaneum opened in 2008 and was voted European Museum of the Year 2010.

You start at the top and follow a red line through the Ozeaneum.

Displays on the top floor.

These sea shells were collected and given to the Ozeaneum by a private donor.

There is a special section about the Baltic sea. This chart shows salt water flows into the Baltic sea, which are
essential for fish reproduction. There have been very few singificant inflows of salt water since the mid 1980s.

What the harbor in Stralsund probably looks like below the water surface.

Common type of jelly fish in the Baltic sea.

A section on research.

There is a large aquarium section.

The largest tank has two floors for visitors, the ground floor …

… and the top floor.

One of the buildings has a huge room with life size whales.

There are couches on the ground floor that you can lie on, look up at the whales and listen to the sounds they make.

The top floor houses a penguin habitat, among the most popular attractions at Ozeaneum for children.

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