Game Reserves in the North

We made several trips to game parks in Botswana, especially Nxai Pan, Sua Pan and Chobe. Nxai Pan was one of our favorites.

WP BOT 027

Entrance to Nxai Pan. There was no government scout camp and no facilities. You had to carry everything yourself, including water
and food. There was about one visitor per week to the park, although we once met a couple from South Africa. And Björn once
met a Bedford truck with tourists driving into Nxai Pan. The response to the question “Where are you going?” was “To London”!

WP BOT 065

One year we met zebra from to a herd of about 10,000, so it was a very, very long line crossing our path. We did not wait for the last one.

WP BOT 082

There were many animals, like giraffe.

WP BOT 084

Remains of a larger animal. There are huge open areas at Nxai Pan.

WP BOT 076

Baobab trees are found in national parks, although this one is located in a village close to Gaborone.

WP BOT 085

Sua Pan was another favorite. These soda pans are dry most of the year,
but flood during the rains, and then there are large flocks of flamingo.

WP BOT 028

The surface, when it is dry, is very hard and you can (in theory) drive a car on the surface without sinking.

WP BOT 030

Annette with colleagues from the University of Botswana, Brian and Bob.

WP BOT 031

Brian standing at a pier, that is actually useful when the pan is filled with water.

WP BOT 032

Sitting on our Land Rover watching the sunset.

WP BOT 033

WP BOT 034

Annette watching the sunset.

WP BOT 035

It seems strange to see the sun reflected on a dry surface, but it is probably a reflection within the camera lens!

WP BOT 040

This is from a visit with friends in Chobe National Park.

WP BOT 039

We slept in the Land Rover that had a board and mattress covering the back.
It felt safer to be inside the car than in a tent with all the animals around.

WP BOT 055

Leila and a friend with a fish at a camp near Maun.

WP BOT 064

We camped close to a river crossing in Chobe. There were no fences to stop wild animals from strolling through the camp.

WP BOT 073

There were always lots of wild animals, like these hippos who sometimes ventured through the camp.

WP BOT 091

There were elephants as well.

WP BOT 057


WP BOT 058

and African buffalo, very close to the camp.

WP BOT 083

One part of the Okavango Delta was flooded and all trees had died.

WP BOT 090

and you could get very close to very large elephants. Elephants always have
the right of way regardless if they come from the left or the right. Or head on!

WP BOT 072

And there are lots of birds, like weaver birds who make these nests.

WP BOT 100

Our car by the entrance to Chobe National Park. The bridge in the background goes to the Caprivi Strip, Namibia.

WP BOT 101

Chobe River that forms the border with Namibia.

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