Copenhagen Aquarium

Copenhagen aquarium, the Blue Plant, was opened in March 2013. The architectural form
of the aquarium resembles a whirlpool of water. It is the largest aquarium in Scandinavia.

WP CPH Aquarium 01

The long entrance to the aquarium, Kastrup Airport to the right. We were there during the autumn school break so it was full of families and children.

WP CPH Aquarium 02

The entrance in the centre, and the exit to the left. The aquarium has 8 sections, 53 aquariums and 20,000 fish and animals.

WP CPH Aquarium 03

Coral reef tanks to the left, the Ocean in front and to the right.

WP CPH Aquarium 04

The coral reef tanks.

WP CPH Aquarium 05

Glass walls allow you to get very close to the fish.

WP CPH Aquarium 06

WP CPH Aquarium 07

Part of the Ocean display with sharks.

WP CPH Aquarium 08

Part of the Ocean display.

WP CPH Aquarium 17

The large Ocean tank in front.

WP CPH Aquarium 12

The largest tank.

WP CPH Aquarium 13

WP CPH Aquarium 18

A tunnel under one of the Ocean tanks.

WP CPH Aquarium 19

WP CPH Aquarium 14

A tank with lion fish and stone fish. You can barely make out the stone fish, the lump in the upper left and several to the right.

WP CPH Aquarium 15

There are several tanks with sea horses.

WP CPH Aquarium 16

Weedy sea dragons.

WP CPH Aquarium 10

WP CPH Aquarium 11

WP CPH Aquarium 20

WP CPH Aquarium 09

There were displays like this, about how fish can hide in different ways, with explanations in Swedish, English and German.

WP CPH Aquarium 22

A tank full of angelfish, Pterophyllum scalare.

WP CPH Aquarium 23

Part of the Amazon exhibition. There are butterflies, birds and four tanks that you also can see from above or from a floor below.

WP CPH Aquarium 24

Arapaima, the largest freshwater fish of Amazonas that can weigh up to 200 kg

WP CPH Aquarium 25

The tank with Piranha, seen from above.

WP CPH Aquarium 26

The same tank with Piranha seen from the floor below.

WP CPH Aquarium 28

Herring, part of the cold water exhibition.

WP CPH Aquarium 29

Display of the waters around the Faroe islands.

WP CPH Aquarium 31

The section with seals, which you can observe from the outside and from the inside.

WP CPH Aquarium 30

WP CPH Aquarium 32

You exit through the gift shop.

WP CPH Aquarium 33

2 thoughts on “Copenhagen Aquarium

  1. dear annette, dear björn,

    i’d like to ask, if i could use some of your copenhagen fotos for the website of my friend. he’s a painter and made the whole interior design of the aquarium. i would appreciate it a lot, as your fotos are really cool! cheers from munich, verena

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