Diamond Head Trail

WP Diamond head 01

The Diamond head trail, considered moderate, is 1,6 miles long (about 2,6 km), and takes one to three hours. It climbs 560 feet (about 170 meters).
This trail is probably the most popular of all trails in Hawaii. It was built in 1908 as part of Oahu’s coastal defense system.

WP Diamond head 02

There are refreshments and toilets near the parking lot, and several signs with information about the trail and the park.

WP Diamond head 03

One of several signs with information about the trail and the park.

WP Diamond head 04

Information about the climb. Note that smoking, littering and other antisocial behavour is not allowed.

WP Diamond head 05

The very first part of the trail, but this flat pavement is very short.

WP Diamond head 06

The path soon changes and winds back and forth up the side of the crater.

WP Diamond head 07

WP Diamond head 08

WP Diamond head 09

The path is not suitable for prams or strollers.

WP Diamond head 09a

There are several signs like these along the trail.

WP Diamond head 10

The first set of steps.

WP Diamond head 11

There are 74 steps that lead to a tunnel.

WP Diamond head 12

The 225 feet long tunnel is dimly lighted and very narrow. One needs to squeeze past approaching traffic.

WP Diamond head 13

Near the end of the tunnel is a viewing platform and a chance to catch your breathe. Leila, Annette and Erik on the right.

WP Diamond head 14

This platform, located before you get to the next tunnel, was for winches and cables to lift material to the top.

WP Diamond head 15

At the end of the tunnel is a 99 step staircase that leads to the lowest part of the fire control station on the top.

WP Diamond head 16

A two story steel staircase at the end of a short tunnel after the 99 step staircase.

WP Diamond head 17

The steel staircase leads you to the third level of the fire control station with a good view towards Honolulu.

WP Diamond head 18

The last 54 steps that lead to the very top.

WP Diamond head 19

View towards the Diamond Head crater and Koko Head.

WP Diamond head 20

View towards Honolulu.

WP Diamond head 21

View towards Waikiki

WP Diamond head 22


WP Diamond head 23

View towards the mountains in the north showing housing is built on ridges leading down to Honolulu.

WP Diamond head 24

WP Diamond head 25

Diamond lighthouse on the coast toward the left.

WP Diamond head 26

Leading up to the highest outlook.

WP Diamond head 27

WP Diamond head 28

The highest outlook.

WP Diamond head 29

The 82 step metal staircase that brings you down to the level of the last tunnel, instead of the spiral staircase and the 99 step stairs.

WP Diamond head 30

View into the crater from the lookout at the rim.

WP Diamond head 31

On the way down – many were still on the way up.

WP Diamond head 31a

View back to the top of Diamond Head – with many visitors.

WP Diamond head 31b

On the way down.

WP Diamond head 32

You can rest in the park when you get back to the parking lot. Start early. The lot was nearly full when we arrived at 0800 and there was a long queue when we left.

WP Diamond head 33


2 thoughts on “Diamond Head Trail

  1. Hi Annette and Björn. My name is Anthony and I am a scout leader here in Hawaii. We recently hiked diamond head and took mostly video footage of our hike. I am putting together a video slide show for our scouters and would love to include some of your awesome pictures in our video. I would definitely be willing to credit the pictures if that would be ok with you both.

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