Our house in Addis Ababa

WP Ethiopia family 32A drawing of our house, where we lived between 1982 – 1989, made by our friend and artist Jill Last.

WP Ethiopia family 01

We had a large house with three bedrooms, a study and servant quarters. Our car was a Toyota
Corolla and took three months to get from the port in Assab on the Red Sea to Addis Ababa.

WP Ethiopia family 03

The living room

WP Ethiopia family 02

The living room and the openings to the kitchen and bedroom area (left)

WP Ethiopia family 04

The kitchen, Annette and Leila.

WP Ethiopia family 05

Erik’s room

WP Ethiopia family 06

The study, also used as a darkroom.

WP Ethiopia family 10

Erik and our grill

WP Ethiopia family 11

We grew vegetables, like this lettuce after a hail storm.

WP Ethiopia family 16

Bananas that Björn bought when traveling to Southern Ethiopia. Young Erik and Korsa.

WP Ethiopia family 14

We had many animals, including sheep. Our “flock” was let out in the morning, came home for
“lunch”, left again and came back around five. We never lost any animals, without a shepherd.

WP Ethiopia family 15

The hay we bought for the animals was delivered by donkeys. Leila and Erik.

WP Ethiopia family 17

We imported rabbits from Sweden, and gave many away. In the front a Belgian giant.

WP Ethiopia family 13

Erik and domestic rabbits raised by an Italian who served them at his restaurant.

WP Ethiopia family 12

Turkeys on their way to a new home, on one of the last days in Ethiopia. Head gardener
Ato Girma to the left, his son Teswai, and second gardener and night watchman Ato Korsa.

WP Ethiopia family 23

We gave our staff money to buy an animal for holidays. This bull was slaughtered on our drive way. Left: Sisay
who was later hired to assist Ato Hailu the night watchman. Center: Teswai son of Ato Girma, Right: Ato Girma.

WP Ethiopia family 22

Erik watching the butchering of the animal. Left: the son of Litke our maid,
Ato Girma. Centre: Ato Hailo the night watchman. Right front: Ato Korsa.

WP Ethiopia family 25

Our drive way one Christmas, with meat hung up on our gate.

WP Ethiopia family 24

A sheep divided into four portions. Each member of the staff drew a number to choose one pile.

WP Ethiopia family 27

Lake Langano, south of Addis Ababa, a popular resort to relax and swim in the lake.
Weekends were short though, as government offices worked until noon on Saturdays.

WP Ethiopia family 26

Erik at Lake Langano.

WP Ethiopia family 28

Erik with friends. His best friend on the right was nicknamed Babysu and lived next door.

WP Ethiopia family 30

At a picnic in Bale mountains with Lars Ögren (left) and daughter Ellen, xx and Ko-Chi Tung center right.

WP Ethiopia family 29

Ellen and Erik fishing

WP Ethiopia family 31

Annette and Erik.

WP Ethiopia family 21

Erik with both Pooh Bear and his brother.

WP Ethiopia family 20

WP Ethiopia family 19

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