Koko Head Crater Trail

WP Koko climb 01

The Koko Head trail starts in the Koko Head Park, in a residential area of Hawaii Kai. It is 0.7 miles (around 1.1 km) long and is considered a “moderate” hike that
should take between one and three hours. The hard part is the 1200 ft rise. Many come early and fill the parking lot. There are toilets by the parking lot, none after.

WP Koko climb 02

View of the parking lot, houses in the upper right corner. Approach the trail from the path at the end of the parking lot (centre left in the photo).
There are no signs to direct you to the trail –  just follow other hikers!

WP Koko climb 04

The start of the trail. You will not be alone.

WP Koko climb 03

View of the trail from the parking lot. Come early, and bring water. The last part is steep, but take it in stages.

WP Koko climb 03a

View of the trail from the top.

WP Koko climb 05

This is the only sign for the trail.

WP Koko climb 07

The trail with railway sleepers. Sometimes sleepers are missing, or are very worn.

WP Koko climb 08

Use shoes that give a good grip on the trail, like these that never slipped on any of the trails we hiked.

WP Koko climb 10

There is a section, about half way up, where the track crosses a small ravine. You can take a path to the right, as some people seem to find the sleeper option rather difficult.

WP Koko climb 11

WP Koko climb 12

One climber carried his dog over the “ravine” part of the trail.

WP Koko climb 13

Some prefer to walk by the side of the sleepers, which is possible in many places.

WP Koko climb 14

Some people run up the trail. We met one man who was on his third consecutive run out of five.

WP Koko climb 15

Some carry extra weight. This water was for torture, not for sale.

WP Koko climb 16

The views are great, even at the lower part of the trail.

WP Koko climb 17

Hanauma Bay, seen from the top of Koko Head.

WP Koko climb 18

Diamond Head

WP Koko climb 19

The crowd almost at the top. Most people were young, and few older people seem to attempt the climb. Björn at age 64 felt like the oldest of all.

WP Koko climb 20

There is a short climb over rocks to get to the very top after finishing the trail.

WP Koko climb 21

At the top.

WP Koko climb 22

The view from the top. Hanauma Bay to the left, Hawaii Kai to the right, and Diamond Head furthest back right.

WP Koko climb 23

WP Koko climb 18a

Towards Makapuu Point over Hawaii Kai golf course.

WP Koko climb 24

Koko Crater Botanical Gardens, towards the golf course.

WP Koko climb 25

Hawaii Kai

WP Koko climb 28

Daughter Leila Jere and son Erik Mossberg at the top.

WP Koko climb 27

The view at the top is worth the climb and ignoring the warnings.

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