Umag aquarium

Umag is a small town in Istria on the northwest coast of Croatia, close to the borders with Slovenia and Italy. It is popular with tourists.
We have been to Umag three times, at the beginning of April for the international morel festival, and even then there were tour buses.

WP Umag aquarium 16

It took us three visits to find the aquarium.

WP Umag aquarium 02

The entrance to the aquarium is under a shopping mall named Aquarium in the center of the town.

WP Umag aquarium 03

The tanks are of similar size, with typical sea life from the area around Umag.

WP Umag aquarium 04

The tanks are along four corridors. A touching pool for children.

WP Umag aquarium 05

The tanks are all like this.

WP Umag aquarium 06


WP Umag aquarium 07

Slipper lobster

WP Umag aquarium 08

Spiny lobster

WP Umag aquarium 09

Maja squinado, the European spider crab or spiny spider crab

WP Umag aquarium 10

The last section of the aquarium

WP Umag aquarium 12

Moray eels. All animals displayed seemed healthy and well cared for.

WP Umag aquarium 13

The aquarium gift shop

WP Umag aquarium 14

Oil lamps

WP Umag aquarium 15


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