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Honolulu is perhaps not associated with high-rise buildings, but is ranked fifth
in the US for the number of high-rise buildings and fourth for tall buildings.
A high-risebuilding is between 35 and 100 meters (115 – 330 ft), and a tall building
building is over 100 meters. Buildings taller than 150 meters are called skyscrapers.

Planning regulations limit the height of buildings, and there are 10 – 15 different
height limits in Honolulu.  Waikiki has a graduated height limit from 220 ft near
Diamond head, up to 350 ft near the Ala Moana end. The height limit for downtown
Honolulu, Kakaako, is 400 ft plus 18 ft for machinery. However, there are variances.
The tallest building on the island, 801 South Street A is 450 ft.

Any developer who wants to exceed the 400 ft limit has to meet three criteria before
applying for a height varience: at least 75 percent of the units must be priced as
affordable workforce housing; the building must receive no government subsidies;
and the maximum unit size must be 1,100 square feet for a three-bedroom apartment.

Unit prices are based on realtor listings of units for sale in existing buildings,
or the cost of new units in buildings under construction, in January 2016.

WP Honolulu highrise 070

Bishop Street, Honolulu. The following pictures are from downtown Honolulu, part of the Kakaako area.

WP Honolulu highrise 001

At the junction of Bishop Street and South Beretania Street: Capitol Place (left), The Pinnacle (center), and Century Square (right).

WP Honolulu highrise 074

Capitol Place (right) was built in 2008. It has 39 floors, with 384 units, at a unit cost range of US$ 698,000 – 965,888.

WP Honolulu highrise 073

The Pinnacle, 1199 Bishop Street, was built in 2008. It has 36 floors and 38 units at a price range of US$ 875,000 – 2,358,000.

WP Honolulu highrise 002

Next to The Pinnacle stands Century Square (right), 1188 Bishop Street.

WP Honolulu highrise 003

Century Square was built in 1981. It consists of two buildings with 367 units on 36 floors. Price range up to US$ 2,999,990.

WP Honolulu highrise 022

Reflection of Capitol Place in the facade of Century Square.

WP Honolulu highrise 004

There are other condominiums nearby. A 2 bed/2 bath, 894 sq ft condo at Park Place (right) on 1212 Nuuanu Avenue
is offered at US$ 585,000. The median price for condos in downtown Honolulu is US$ 390,000.

WP Honolulu highrise 007

View down Bishop Street towards the harbor. To the left Alakea Corporate Tower, then
Pauahi Tower (center left), Executive Center (center right) and barely visible, Bishop Place.

WP Honolulu highrise 079

Alakea Corporate Tower, 1100 Alakea Street, was built in 1991 and contains offices.
Price for one floor is US$ 2,150,000. In the background is Bishop Place.

WP Honolulu highrise 125

Bishop Place, 1132 Bishop Street, a 25 story office building built in 1992 is 387 ft tall.

WP Honolulu highrise 080

Bishop Place

WP Honolulu highrise 078

Pauahi Tower at 1003 Bishop Street was built in 1983, has 28 floors and offers office, retail and restaurant space.

WP Honolulu highrise 011

Pauahi Tower facade with reflections of Bishop Place.

WP Honolulu highrise 012

The Executive Center, 1088 Bishop Street, was built in 1981. It has 40 floors, 84 commercial and residential units. Aston Hotel is located on the ground floor.

WP Honolulu highrise 028

Facade of the Executive Center.

WP Honolulu highrise 015

First Hawaiian Center, headquarters of First Hawaiian Bank, 999 Bishop Street was completed in 1996. Until recently it was the tallest building in Honolulu at 429 ft.

WP Honolulu highrise 092

First Hawaiian Bank from the back.

WP Honolulu highrise 091

Harbor Court, 55 Merchant Street, was built in 1994 and has 41 floors. The first 13 floors are parking, the next 18 are commercial,
and on top are 120 luxury condominiums. The cost for a 2 beds/2 baths condo with 1,500 sq ft space was US$ 848,000 in 2015 .

WP Honolulu highrise 094

The 30 story Makai and Mauka Towers at 733 and 737 Bishop Street.

WP Honolulu highrise 095

 The towers were built in 1994 – 95 and are for offices and retail.

WP Honolulu highrise 039

The two One Waterfront Towers, Mauka and Makai, on 415 – 425 South Street, built in 1989, the tallest buildings in Honolulu between 1990 – 92 at 400 ft/122 m.

WP Honolulu highrise 129

Each tower has 45 floors with 310 condominium units, with market price from US$ 499,000 – 1,145,000

WP Honolulu highrise 031

801 South Street A (left) is the tallest building in Honolulu. Keola Lai (center) on 600 Queen, built in 2008. It is 387 ft tall, has 43 floors and
350 units, with a price range of US$ 719,000 – 1,170,000. The photo below is taken from the other side and it looks like a different building.

WP Honolulu highrise 130

Keola Lai (left) taken from the opposite side, 801 South Street A (center), and Pacific Park Plaza (right).

WP Honolulu highrise 032

 801 South Street A has 46 floors with 1,045 units. Price for condos is US$ 253,200 – 501,300.
South Street B (background left) is near completion. Keola Lai to the right.

WP Honolulu highrise 036

Pacific Park Plaza (left) and Royal Capitol Plaza (center), 876 Curtis Street, built in 1987.
It has 299 units on 39 floors with a price range of US$ 420,000 – 459,000.

WP Honolulu highrise 033

Pacific Park Plaza, 711 Kapiolani Boulevard, was built in 1988.

WP Honolulu highrise 133

Imperial Plaza condominiums on 725 Kapiolani Blvd built in 1990.

WP Honolulu highrise 035

Imperial Plaza is 400 ft tall, has 36 floors and 261 units, with a price range of US$ 578,000 – 4,800,000.

WP Honolulu highrise 037

One Archer Lane on 801 South King Street, was built in 1997, has 331 units on 41 floors. The price for a 2 bedroom condo is about US$ 550,000.

WP Honolulu highrise 038

One Archer Lane

WP Honolulu highrise 132

There are several building projects in the Kakaako area. This is The Collection on 680 Ala Moana Blvd,
to be completed in 2016 with 43 floors and 397 units, with a price range of US$ 1,695,000 – 1,795,000.

WP Honolulu highrise 131

This photo shows some of the changes in Kakaako. The front shows residences and small industrial buildings on Kawaiahao
Street. They are being replaced by high-rises like Symphony Honolulu on 888 Kapiolani Blvd, 400 ft tall and will be ready
in 2016. It has 388 units with a price range of US$ 906,000 – 3,350,000. Almost all units were already sold in January 2016.

The next page will be about buildings in the Ala Moana area.

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