New York Aquarium

The New York Aquarium is run by the Wildlife Conservation Society. It was founded in 1896 and moved to the Broadwalk
on Coney Island in 1957. In late 2013 Hurricane Sandy damaged some of the exhibits. Repairs are underway but not complete.

WP NY Aquarium 01

The main entrance. The nearest subway stop is W 8th St – NY Aquarium on the F and Q lines.

WP NY Aquarium 02

About half of the aquarium is open. The sections off the map on the east and south are still under repair.
Download a complete map from the link at

WP NY Aquarium 03

The main building has several large tanks with both tropical and native fishes.

WP NY Aquarium 04

There are very good explanatory texts about the fishes and marine life in the tanks.

WP NY Aquarium 05

The fish in the center is a yellowtail snapper.

WP NY Aquarium 06

A close up of a Hogfish.

WP NY Aquarium 07

The coral nursery. A special activity of the aquarium is raising coral.

WP NY Aquarium 09

There are displays of fish from around the world, The Great Lakes of
Africa (left), and Madagascars’s Disappearing Fish, on Africa’s East coast.

WP NY Aquarium 11

Piranha, from the Amazon River.

WP NY Aquarium 12

Discus fish from the Amazon.

WP NY Aquarium 13

Coral reefs from the Indian Ocean.

WP NY Aquarium 14

A popular feature is the sea lion show, held three times a day. This was taken on a Tuesday morning when school was still in session.

WP NY Aquarium 15

The aquarium has several trained sea lions.

WP NY Aquarium 16

And there appears to be a very close contact between the animals and their trainers.

WP NY Aquarium 17

The performers make a personal round to thank the audience.

WP NY Aquarium 18

And they can be very loud.

WP NY Aquarium 19

The sea otter exhibit is open, but the walrus section is still under repair. There are 10 daily feedings of sea cliff animals.

WP NY Aquarium 20

And there is a museum shop, of course.

WP NY Aquarium 21

Opposite the entrance to the aquarium is the 4D animated film theatre. It offers a short show every 15 minutes.
One theatre admission is included in each aquarium entrance fee. Meant for children but worth seeing for adults.

WP NY Aquarium 23

The Coney Island Broadwalk, with many amusement park attractions, restaurants and changing rooms for the beach.

WP NY Aquarium 22

The entrance to the aquarium from the Broadwalk.

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