Barcelona and Eastern Pyrenees

This trip was a chance to meet old friends Ted Kaplan and Henry Tobin. Annette and Ted have a history: they met at Reed College, Portland, Oregon in 1959 and graduated together in the class of 1963.

We flew to Barcelona on a Sunday, after reaching home from Serbia late Wednesday night. Ted and Henry arrived from New York a few hours before us and could recover from jetlag before we met three more friends for dinner.

In Barcelona we stayed in a perfectly located B&B

We stayed in Barcelona a few days, just long enough to know we had to come back. Then we hired a car and drove along the coast to Ille sur Tet, west of Perpignon, France. It is two hours drive from Barcelona on the motorway, but we took the coast road stopped to see Marimurtra Gardens in Blanes.

In Ille sur Tet, we lived in elegance and luxury in a B&B in the middle of town. This was a unique experience.

The pages under this heading cover what we saw in just 10 days.

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