Manoa Falls

Manoa falls 01

The Manoa water falls trail is 0,9 miles (1,5 km) long, is considered easy, and should take about an hour or less.
There is a parking lot at the end of Manoa road, which costs $5, but you can also take bus number 5 which stops nearby.

Manoa falls 02

There are several signs that guide you on the way.

Manoa falls 03

The gate just after the road divides to the arboretum and to the trail to the falls.

Manoa falls 04

This public toilet is the last one before the falls.

Manoa falls 05

Th very first part is quite open before you get into thicker vegetation.

Manoa falls 06

Around two thirds of the path is covered with gravel.

Manoa falls 07

Eucalyptus tree

Manoa falls 08

 Sometimes the growth forms canopies over the trail, like these plants.

Manoa falls 09The path is kept clear, and although this trunk seems low, even a tall person can pass under without problem.

Manoa falls 10

We visited a day when it was very dry, so there was no mud. However, that meant there was very little water in the falls. The trees may be Kauila trees

Manoa falls 11

One of several bamboo patches.

Manoa falls 12

The “portal” through the root of a banyan trees, a popular photo point.

Manoa falls 13

The path is under repair about two thirds of the way. It becomes a narrow, ungravelled trail.

Manoa falls 14

The path is so narrow in some places that people cannot pass each other.

Manoa falls 15

One old section with steps, although some prefer to walk beside the steps.

Manoa falls 16

Mud steps which can become very slippery when wet.

Manoa falls 17

Although it was dry, one elderly person fell and hurt himself and had to be rescued by the Honolulu fire department. Indigenous hapuu ferns to the left.

Manoa falls 18

The waterfall with the pool of water cordoned off.

Manoa falls 20

There is a trail leading from the waterfall into the forest. We tried it for a quarter mile.

Manoa falls 21

The beginning of the trail was uneven with rocks and roots.

Manoa falls 22

An opening in the vegetation so you cane see that you are rather close to the ridge summit.

Manoa falls 23

The path becomes more even after a short distance.

Manoa falls 24

It passes along a bamboo forest.

Manoa falls 25

Manoa falls 26

We turned back when we reached this banyan tree. If you continue to the right you will reach a good viewpoint. We will try it next time.

Manoa falls 27

Manoa falls 28

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